23.02.10 » Texture Artist » R5

Hello IO followers!

We have an immediate need for a texture artist to join the team. Currently we're well underway towards releasing a new alpha under a new engine. It'd be preferable that the applicant has experience with UDK, but NOT a requirement. It is, however, a must that you have a computer system that can run UDK. For the time being, you'll work closely with the 3D modelers and the level designers.

I can't say it any better than one of the 3D modelers put it today:

"I simply want a person that can find a good material for textures and compose them to fit the uv mapping."

We would love to get somebody who has experience modeling and can do the uv mapping, too, but overall we just need somebody with a talent for textures. The sooner we get a great texture artist, the sooner we can start releasing some screen shots!