11.04.07 » A new horizon... » R5

[i]There are people who long for it
And and people who loath its company
It jets out black ahead
As the dry air whispers in its ear
Scrub stretches out like the oceans on either side
Mountains are painted in the distance
It is, and always will be, home[/i]

Welcome to Interstate Outlaws. We are a small development team made of diverse individuals. We long ago fell in love with Activision's Interstate '76 and Interstate '82 video games, but alas, the game series was canceled many moons ago. Our mission with Interstate Outlaws is to create, from scratch, a vehicular combat world similar to the Interstate series, but beyond all of our wildest dreams. We are planning a public alpha release in the very near future (think weeks), and we are only waiting on two small sections to be completed before we do so.

Please, join us in the forums and feel free to ask questions. I hope that the road ahead is long and enjoyable for all of us.

Logan J.
Team Lead